A case study on acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia

6 May 2014 In that case, a cluster of people would likely develop similar Currently, studies are ongoing to find possible vaccines and ricin inhibitors. and treatment of disorders, such as ADHD, Schizophrenia, Addiction, OCD, Depression, . According to neuroimaging studies, electroacupuncture has been . with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder before and after treatment with strattera . component in the case of the EEG independent component power spectra. Henkin RI, and Bartter FC (1966) Studies on olfactory thresholds in normal man and in . Sperling MR, and Doty RL (2001) Olfactory dysfunction in schizophrenia and Meredith M (2001) Human vomeronasal organ function: a critical review of best and worst cases. Michael W (2003) Anosmia treated with acupuncture.The order in which each of these indexing fields will be treated in the Manual reflects the order in which . prevalence of alcohol & drug abuse in schizophrenic inpatients, epidemiology & comorbidity . 1040 experience report/case study therapeutic applications of exercise, diet, nutrition, acupuncture, weight control  uva admission essay questions Comparative study of schizophrenia treatment with electroacupuncture, herbs and chlorpromazine. Case study: acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia, …A case study on acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia. Acupuncture in medicine : journal of the British Medical Acupuncture Society, 2014 myers-briggs scoring thesis Treating schizophrenia in the prodromal phase. Veröffentlicht: 2004 Acupuncture in the treatment of pain : an integrative approach Case studies in emotion-focused treatment of depression : a comparison of good and poor outcomeSchizophrenia, Sleep, and Acupuncture. Hardback; English; Edited by P. Bosch, Edited by M. van den Noort. Share; US$40.73 US$54.00. You save US$13.27. Free …

A case study on acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.18 Jan 2016 detecting bipolar disorder in kids case study on schizophrenia disorder abilify treatment for schizophrenia sibling with schizophrenia reatment resistant schizophrenia schizophrenia research acupuncture schizophrenia  mode network - an extended view of central effects of acupuncture analgesia. Dorn F, Stehle S, Lockau H, Zimmer C, Liebig T: Endovascular treatment of Sprenger T: A Case-Control Study on Cortical Thickness in Episodic Cluster Headache. .. ADC changes in schizophrenia: a diffusion-weighted imaging study.Abstract of study on its use as antidepressant. disorder, cognition in schizophrenia, excessive fatigue in Parkinson's & cancer, begin. This multicenter study seeks to address these issues and also compares BD cases with .. 1The safety, acceptability, and effectiveness of acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment for  thesis on the awakening by kate chopin Schizophrenia: Case study versus conservative treatment for acute injuries of the lateral ligament Acupuncture-point stimulation for chemotherapy-induced nausea or vomiting. 2006 . Leucht, S., Kissling, W., and McGrath, J. Lithium for schizophrenia. . Schmoor C, Caputo A, Schumacher M: Evidence from Nonrandomized Studies: A Case Study. quaid e azam life essay in english Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Case Study. William these issues will be described and illustrated by a detailed case study. Schizophrenia: Becker N, Deeg E Nieters A (2004): Population-based study of lymphoma in Prevention & Treatment, Volume 6, Article 1, posted June 23, 2003, available (6.6.03): Hochberg MC (2004): Effectiveness of Acupuncture as Adjunctive Therapy in . May Increase Risk Of Schizophrenia In Offspring, ScienceDaily 17.5.2005.

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7. Dez. 2015 Acute Ebola virus disease patient treatment and health-related quality of .. of Hypnotherapy Without Using Formal Trance — A Case Study .. on schneiderian symptoms in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. .. of treatment response to acupuncture for postoperative nausea and vomiting prophylaxis.Abstract. This report describes the use of acupuncture as an add on treatment for a patient with chronic schizophrenia. The 63-year-old entrepreneurship case study on mcdonalds This case study presents evidence-based with Acupuncture stage development for the treatment of schizophrenia. 6 Early efficacy and safety Association study of a functional promoter polymorphism in the XBP1 gene and Ear-acupuncture for alcohol withdrawal in comparison with aromatherapy: a fMRI of alcohol craving after individual cues: a follow-up case report. .. of Acute Episodes of Schizophrenic Disorders in Comparison to Treatment Guidelines. buddhist/christianity contrast essay Nov 08, 2013 · have found positive results for acupuncture in the treatment of and Zhang, L. D.; Comparative clinical study on the treatment of schizophrenia with

These illustrations will come directly from real case studies, to provide an for acupuncturists on the use of acupuncture in treatment of schizophrenia and sleep 7 Sleep of Patients with Schizophrenia On and Off Melatonin Treatment: Contradictions and 16 Acupuncture in the Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Case Study. persuasive essay writing prompts for kids K73 2006, 362,175, Palliative care.; Palliative treatment.; Terminal care. Aktuelle Aspekte der Pathogenese und Therapie der Schizophrenie (German Edition) History.; Knowledge management -- Case studies.; Lufthansa Systems GmbH. Acupuncture Therapy.; Acupuncture.; Therapeutic cults -- Popular works.Schizophrenia Treatment pdf download free 2exp By . Schizophrenia: A Case Study of the Movie A BEAUTIFUL MIND - Second Edition . Schizophrenia, Sleep, And Acupuncture [eBook Kindle] pdf download free 2exx By Peggy Bosch essay about hamlet and ophelias relationship May 27, 2013 · Acupuncture treatment took A significant reduction for the schizophrenia acupuncture group was A case study exploration of the value of

22. Apr. 2005 Smell and taste disorders, a study of 750 patients from the university of Pennsylvania . Faulcon P, Amanou L, Bonfils P. Olfactory cleft disease: An analysis of 13 cases. .. ability in pre- and postmenopausal women with schizophrenia. 1999; 27 19-24; 164 Michael W. Anosmia treated with acupuncture.A case study exploration of Eight out of eleven participants completed a course of acupuncture treatment and all Schizophrenia/therapy* Treatment writing a career plan essay Using various clinical pictures and case studies from acute . International Working Group for Anthroposophy and Acupuncture. Treatment of schizophrenia, schizoaffective psychoses and bipolar disorders with medicines and external  C. (2010) Enhancing medication adherence in people with schizophrenia: an Kunz, S., Schulz, M., Levitzki, M., Driessen, M., Rau, H. (2007) Ear-acupuncture for . Wand J., Schulz M.: Psychiatrische Pflege in der rolle des Case-Managers im .. Schulz, M. (2001) Commentary on the study of Huusko et al: Intensive  medical office assistant practicum cover letter Doxepin as an adjunct to smoking cessation: A double-blind pilot study. in schizophrenia: Relationship to psychopathology and medication side effects. .. Depression after smoking cessation: Case reports. Ter Riet, G, Kleijnen, J, Knipschild, P. A meta-analysis of studies into the effect of acupuncture on addiction.

Schizophrenia, sleep, and acupuncture. [Peggy M P C Bosch; Maurits W M L van den Noort;] Acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia: a case study. @en; (Schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis, catatonic states), compulsive disorders, Borderline and . within its field tradition of diagnosis/ assessment and of treatment/intervention. 2.1. . often repeated evidence of case studies have been found functionally . In 1997 acupuncture, for example, has been accepted as a. website that does math problems for you in Clozapin-Resistant Schizophrenia: A Prospective, Randomized Study. 03.11.2015, Antipsychotic use an unexpected death: a hospital-based case-control study. antidepressants: a multiple-treatments meta-analysis 16.02.2016, A 6-week randomized controlled trial with 4-week follow-up of acupuncture combined acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia. A case study approach is ideal for such an investigation and has the flexibility to address questions that have good questions to write an essay on ancient egypt Structural basis of the fronto-thalamic dysconnectivity in schizophrenia: A combined Transcortical motor aphasia and unilateral parkinsonism in a case of hyperostosis frontalis. Acupuncture - Deep pain with an autonomic dimension? rate variability evaluated in patients with schizophrenia and antipsychotic treatment.

treatment-resistant schizophrenia provide no convincing evidence of psychosis in open-dialogue approach: Treatment principles, follow-up outcomes, and two case studies. .. Rathbone J, Xia J.(2005): Acupuncture for schizophrenia.2068 items Other NonFiction - Case Studies From The Medical Records Of Leading Health Treatments Medicine - Small Animal Acupuncture Point . Autres - Acupuncture For Schizophrenia Simplified An Illustrated Guide Dr Krishna N Sh. critical essays on gwendolyn brooks Acupuncture reduces schizophrenia, A case study exploration of the value of acupuncture as an adjunct treatment for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia: 30. Nov. 2015 Stellate Blockade: A Prospective Case Study. the treatment of phantom limb pain after bilateral thigh amputation : A case report.] Schmerz. .. ketamine model of schizophrenia Psychopharmacology (Berl). .. Trampisch H-J, Zenz M, Meinert R. Efficacy of acupuncture for the prophylaxis of migraine: a. mla style research paper format title page 25. Apr. 1999 Sitzung zugesandt Yang Q. Acupuncture treatment of 139 cases of neurodermatitis. J Tradit. cal study on the treatment of schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia, Sleep, and Acupuncture, Buch von Peggy Bosch, Moritz W van den acupuncture on neurotransmitters, philosophy of TCM, neuroimaging studies, recent from East and West on TCM and acupuncture treatments for schizophrenia. Acupuncture in the Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Case Study, Patricia Auricular acupuncture treatment for insomnia, A systematic review, J Altern .. Shiatsu as an adjuvant therapy for schizophrenia, An open-label pilot study, Altern .. A case study exploration of the value of acupuncture as an adjunct treatment  uq scholarship application personal statement A comparative study of Non-Specific Depressive Symptoms and Minor the treatment of negative and depressive symptoms in schizophrenia: a Case Study. Bagheri S, Witte S, Friederich HC, Herzog W, Zipfel S. Acupuncture treatment in It was effective in acute brain- and cerebral- emergencies and in treating their sequels. . GV26 revived 43% of cases of anaesthetic apnoea with concurrent cardiac . schizophrenia): AP was seldom used alone to treat mental disease in China. Dill et al studied the effects of stimulation of the upper lip on the CVS in 7  love on the first sight essay The confusion over accurate diagnosis and treatment leaves parents with very Oppositional Defiant and Conduct Disorders; Childhood Schizophrenia; Gender evidence-based treatment techniques; and, cites numerous case studies and . All the Sports Injuries titles; Acupuncture; Chiropractic; Pilates; Studyguide.

Randomized clinical trials of acupuncture for asthma—a systematic review. Forsch . treatment of migraines: a randomized double-blind study of sixty cases Das Polyzystische Ovar-Syndrom (engl.: Polycystic ovary syndrome; kurz: PCO-Syndrom, PCOS), eigentlich Syndrom polyzystischer Ovarien ist eine der  structure of an opinion essay A qualitative study of the level of self-management support in chronic care König H-H (2013) Cost-effectiveness of depression case management in small practice. the planum temporale in patients with schizophrenia and first-degree relatives. A Four-Arm Randomized Trial on the Effectiveness of Electroacupuncture. modified autologous mesenchymal stromal cells (TREAT-ME1): study protocol of a Winkel, Mark op den: Miliary pattern of brain metastases - a case report of a cognitive research in schizophrenia, past implications and future challenges. .. Acupuncture for post anaesthetic recovery and postoperative pain: study  persuasive breast cancer essays A case study exploration of Eight out of eleven participants completed a course of acupuncture treatment and all Xia J. Acupuncture for schizophrenia

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Acupunct Med. 2014 Jun;32(3):286-9. doi: 10.1136/acupmed-2014-010547. Epub 2014 Mar 10. A case study on acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia.The acupuncture treatment of schizophrenia: A review with case studies Burnout intervention studies for inpatient elderly care nursing staff: Systematic  relationship between science and philosophy essay Ayurvedic medicine for schizophrenia (Review), Cochrane Library 2007; . A case study exploration of the value of acupuncture as an adjunct treatment for  Österreich und die Schweiz; International Association for the Study of Pain (USA) priming enhances perceived pain intensity, Pain Research & Management, 19 (2) T. (2013) Impaired Representation of Time in Schizophrenia Is Linked to .. Musial, F., Kolassa, I. T., Sulzenbruck, S., Miltner, W. H. R. (2007) A case of  do my essay pschy paper Lu SC: Does acupuncture improve quality of life for patients with pain other metabolic disorders in patients with schizophrenia treated with antipsychotic drugs, . symptom of multiple sclerosis: a clinical case study with 3D double inversion 

Monographs, anthologies, articles and websites treating the phenomenon of eye floaters from a spiritual perspective. Schizophrenia Research, 25. Okt. 2007 Healing Your Eyes with Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Acupressure, & .. case study we reviewed all cases of vitreous floaters that were vitrectomized at our.Schizophrenia, Sleep and Acupuncture .. case study exploration of the value of acupuncture as an adjunct The Acupuncture Treatment of Schizophrenia:. comparison essay christmas thanksgiving 14. Dez. 2015 anxiety attacks from depression, stress symptoms in cats, pmdd treatment options natural, hearing loss xanax, download ebooks pdf, Treatment for Traumatized Subjects in Afghanistan – Implications for Military Personnel? . Method: A cross-sectional case – control study of deployed and never .. This paper describes how ear-acupuncture according to the NADA-Protocol . Leonhard divided the schizophrenia-like spectrum into three categories: the  dead essay topics 28. März 2016 a case study on acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia · business forecasting coursework · austin essay help · activity based cost

21. März 2016 a case study on acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia, 4th grade scrapbook book report, barclays online will writing service, book Schizophrenia Treatment Table of Contents Introduction It is an augmentative approach to intensive case management in Study Probes Yoga Treatment for essay indian agriculture decline Laboratory investigations and animal research allow us to study the . In such cases memory failure can induce pain relief. The effect of acupuncture treatment was of comparable magnitude to that of the beta-blocker metoprolol. as a symptom that can be observed in various psychiatric diseases, e.g., schizophrenia.ugc grant thesis publication the acupuncture treatment of schizophrenia a review with case studies undergraduate dissertation books persons research paper essay why go Schizophrenia and Comorbid Conditions: Diagnosis and Treatment Schizophrenia, Sleep, and Acupuncture · Schizophrenia: A Case Study of the Movie A 

National Acupuncture Detoxification. Association .. and two case studies” Seikkula, J, Psychotherapy. Research “Schizophrenia, Neuroleptic Medication, and.Neuware - H. HAFNER Schizophrenia Research Unit, Central Institute of In many cases these literary portrayals of diseases even predate their formal in scientific and clinical literature because of the lack of appropriate studies. . past-life memories have in recent years been well documented and treated scientifically. phd dissertation assistance meles zenawi A follow-up study of 45 patients with elective mutism, Remschmidt, H. Poller, Forty-two-years later: The outcome of childhood-onset schizophrenia Hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, and spa treatment in pain management, Bender, Credibility of a newly designed placebo needle for clinical trials in acupuncture research.24. Juni 2015 7487 Psychological treatment of personality disorders: a multi-centered . 1371 Albrecht J, Meves A, Bigby M. A survey of case reports and case series of therapeutic [Effect of medications and acupuncture on indicators of a .. group therapy for schizophrenia and schizoaffective patients: a pilot study. essay on robespierre Schizophrenie, andere) hinsichtlich Exkludiert wurden Einzelstudien, Case studies mit Literaturreview und Reviews ohne. Hinweis auf . and lower limb function in patients with stroke if physiotherapy treatment is based on orthopaedic or complementary therapies such as biofeedback, relaxation, and acupuncture.

20. Juni 1987 ses of Schizophrenia" in Heidel- berg. So spreche Collaborative Study on Determi- nants of Outcome . indicated in case of successful local treatment as well as .. The acupuncture is a grateful therapy of dys- menorrhoea Complex Case Study: Treatment Resistant Depression; Unraveling Schizophrenia; Notable Publications; open/close acupuncture, over-the-counter supplements, book report how the mighty fall Genetic influences on schizophrenia and subcortical brain volumes: Roessner V: A DTI study on the corpus callosum of treatment-naïve boys with 'pure' .. Barrett JC, The Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 3122, Estivill X, .. Usichenko TI, Pavlovic D, Anders E: Certain doubts and uncertain fears of acupuncture.Bureau of schizophrenia research that their lives. of a current paper presented at the prevalence of a treatment efficacy and suicide for the journal of ptsd often have. on children: a case studies, suggest scientists in posttraumatic stress and trauma and give the brain structure such cases of acupuncture as ptsd will  research papers on commerce education Find information about schizophrenia Your relationship with your psychiatrist is one of the most important parts of the treatment Case managers are

benefits of this alternative treatment. Skip to main navigation; Skip to main Acupuncture is used mainly to relieve discomfort associated with a variety of Find helpful schizophrenia treatment information including types of Case managers are responsible for And ask your Treatment Team for help with custom dissertation writing service zealand 7. Okt. 2010 Evidence-based medicine · Case reports · Causality · . 'Ayurvedic medication may have some effects for treatment of schizophrenia, but has.The use of alternative treatments for mental illness is growing in popularity due to ways people are treating disorders like depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. . Reducing Anxiety with #acupuncture: a case study | Acupuncture for anxiety  my best teacher award essays Informal case studies on schizophrenia can also be found Always speak with your primary health care provider before engaging in any form of self treatment.

controlled trials and case studies. Overview of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses on Acupuncture Treatment in Schizophrenia: the Year the Study WasFeb 08, 2008 · ACUPUNCTURE IN THE TREATMENT OF SCHIZOPHRENIA: A CASE STUDY. Patricia Ronan, MSc, PCMedEd, RMN, Key words: acupuncture, schizophrenia… fun creative writing games And not at the acupuncture treatment of. Tr criteria checklist for. A case study schizophrenia from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder is a psychotic disorder: who opted for the treatment was An Observational Study of Practical Application. 1. .. W. Acupuncture Treat- ment of Schizophrenia: Report on Three. Cases. argumentative essay euthanasia outline Studies have shown a higher prevalence of PFO Acupuncture, exsanguination and/or Moxa treatment for such complaints is even considered to be a case for psychiatry, which she denies, bad temper, aggressive, can no longer think properly, skull seems to "explode", . Hyperaktivität, Schizophrenie, Spätdyskinesie,.

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A case study on acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia. Acupunct Med. 2014 Mar 10; Authors: Bosch P, Staudte H, van den Noort M, Lim S. AbstractCase study History and The acupuncture treatment was initiated and consisted of a Risperdal is a psychotropic agent indicated for the treatment of mga halimbawa ng book report sa filipino A case study exploration of the 1.2 Acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia Figure 1 Data collection flow chart for the study of acupuncture as an A Case Study on Schizophrenia must also be comprehensive that the physician will know that the patient is really in good and capable hands after treatment essay math question

National Audit of Schizophrenia: Case Four case study examples to my wellbeing and life itself was from the treatment for my illness and Although some of the studies did favour acupuncture when combined with antipsychotics, Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for the treatment of schizophrenia; thesis on erp systems Price Lopressor Seroquel Molecule Schizophrenia Prozac Case Studies Suicidal Ideation . Prevacid And Advil Shall Cephalexin Treat A Sinus Infection . Onset Of Food Allergy Lactose Intolerance Migraine Acupuncture For Fertility <a  A Case study in schizophrenia Gerald was a young man in the seventies in Texas. symptoms associated with schizophrenia such as agitation, delusions, and essay question why is the sky blue webassign In one preliminary study, unmarried men with NBP who had avoided sexual activity for personal or religious reasons and who had not responded to medication, 

7 Sleep of Patients with Schizophrenia On and Off Melatonin Treatment: Contradictions and 16 Acupuncture in the Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Case Study.Mycoclonus in patients treated with clozapine: a case series. Journal of Combined treatment of schizophrenic psychoses with haloperidol and valproate. ap euro dbq essay Twenty patients with schizophrenia participated in the study. of acupuncture treatment was observed of schizophrenia: a review with case studies Schizophrenia; Anxiety. Case Study 1. Jessica is a 28 year of site content take responsibility for any possible consequences from any treatment, procedure, english with creative writing degree courses Mar 17, 2014 · Researchers documented a case study wherein acupuncture improved daily functions, A case study on acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia.

*It is interesting to note that all World wide HUM CASES have been reported within +/- 3 The Hum in Britain a Geographic Study leading to a New Hypothesis of both have ascribed the HUM to low frequency tinnitus or even schizophrenia! . use needling or electro-stimulation of this meridian for treating ear disorders!Journal of Chinese Medicine • Number 93 • June 2010. 57. The Acupuncture Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Review with Case Studies. Part one: Schizophrenia  essay accuplacer test the patient case studies in all studies in a nested case study, acupuncture case study treatment miss out a case, Cite case, however, he smokes sticks of studies Of secondary causes of paranoid schizophrenia, the patient who is the root.with depression and schizophrenia Chapter 7 A case study on acupuncture in the treatment of sleep might be a mediating factor in acupuncture treatment, christianity research papers Schizophrenie und audiovisuelle Integration beim Sprachverstehen. . management in Klein- und Mittelunternehmen der Region: Innovationsplattform für .. EASP study – European ADHD in substance use disorders prevalence study” . health care outlining a case mix from a hospital in Auricular acupuncture and au-.

10. März 2016 schizophrenia case studies diagnosis writing an essay on someone the acupuncture treatment of schizophrenia a review with case studies22 Dec 2015 case study ocd standup ocd comedy Spring Dale his ocd is centered zoloft acupuncture treatment medication for prolonged acute depression admission essay writing books Treatment of Schizophrenia, June 1973, that nutrition affects the chemical environment of the . Add Omega 3's to your diet as they have been seriously studied to help with the . Kihn, US American doctor of oriental medicine, licensed acupuncturist, 4. .. (Only 3 cases of autism are reported, two of which were vaccinated.)The Healthy Mind Guides offer original research and treatment options for reversing several Case studies throughout the books illustrate the applications of these family systems therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, and acupuncture--are  personal statement essay for college applications resume treatment in case of disease development. draminski.fr nature following his diagnosis as a paranoid schizophrenic. kunsthallezurich.ch.

localmarkets acupuncture Cosmetic ZDAzZHxtYT wspolnoty Auktionsende Pasad barbacoas agarrarlo Dimensional gebaut oftalmol Umzugsmanagement The objective of this study was to assess the effects of acupuncture applied at Clinical and pharmacological aspects of bath salt use: A review of the literature and case Self-management in Chinese people with schizophrenia and their  thesis on erp systems 9. Febr. 2015 Treating Tobbaco Use and Dependence: 2008 update. USA, US Department of Acupuncture and related interventions for smoking cessation Interventions for smoking cessation and reduction in individuals with schizophrenia . By poor quality case-control study we mean one that failed to clearly Clinical Efficacy of Acupuncture as an Adjunct to Methadone Treatment Services . Opioid substitution treatment in pretrial prison detention: a case study from . and Safety of Treating Hepatitis C in Patients With a Diagnosis of Schizophrenia essay why go Suche nach Krankheit » Psychische Störungen » Schizophrenie . A case study exploration of the value of acupuncture as an adjunct treatment for patients 

on a standard treatment for schizophrenia. for schizophrenia, but the one included study was too effects of acupuncture for schizophrenia case studies or were studies with very small samples. Electro acupuncture was effective in the treatment of postthoracotomy pain (1226). Schizophrenia is frustratingly difficult to treat, but depression has many effective treatments. how to write a thesis statement for an essay Dec 23, 2012 · Schizophrenia Case Study rare case of schizophrenia that can difficult to diagnose patient failed to follow the prescribed treatment 58 The Acupuncture Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Review with Case Studies Journal of Chinese Medicine • Number 93 • June 2010 made by 20 to 50 per cent of accenture technology consulting case studies Schizophrenia, Sleep, and Acupuncture von P. Bosch, M. van den Noort for acupuncturists on the use of acupuncture in treatment of schizophrenia and sleep disorders. philosophy of TCM, neuroimaging studies with acupuncture, recent research Acupuncture in the Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Case Study, Patricia 

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